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Ancient human civilization in village
Nomads and aborigines
Nomads & Aborigines

Raute : TheNomads
The Nomads of Nepal, the monkey hunters and the kings of the forest, the Raute people are still moving in the forest for survival and existence. They donít like to settle as the human being. The government of Nepal, UNDP, WHO, and dozens of INGOs tried to settle them but became unable to do it. They are very skilled in making wooden pots and others things. They hunt the wild animals with their primitive aged weapons like sharp stones, sticks and net. Doing research on them and getting result of their life style and whole life circle can be the great achievement for the mankind because one side the age of science and technology; the 21st century is going on, people are leaping all over the universe and on the other side, a tribe of human being Raute is still moving in the forest. We like to make the documentary film of their life circle for the human being which can be the subject of study. It will be the great research and achievement for all people in the world to know the ancient human civilization. They are the living example of ancient human civilization. We would also like to collect their hand made products which may be the souvenirs for the international community. They only wander in the forests of Far western region (Nepal).

Aborigines : Rana Tharu
Culturally very rich Rana Tharu are very skilled in making forest based household and decorative materials. They have their particular language, special clothing, ornaments etc.

Tharu, Rana Tharu, Katharia Tharu, Desauri Tharu, Jirel, Majhi (fish hunter), Jhangad, Surel, Rajbansi, Raji, Kusunda, Danuwar etc are scattered all over the country mainly in lowlands (terai). They all have their particular languages, wearing, tradition and culture.

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