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Exotic Tour Festival
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Exotic tour of Festival, Social, Culture and Ancient Human Civilization
Length :
24 Days
Trip Level :
3 [level description]
Accommodation Grade :
Tea House [grade description]
Special Feature :
Ancient human civilization, rich Nepalese culture and tradition
Best Times :
Late Sept. to early June / Specially for festival: October to November

Jaant Festival 3-week package (FAIRS)

Shri Kedar region is the exotic mid-mountainous scenic part lying in Far Western Nepal. The region has the unique specialty in nature and culture. Beautiful landscape, tropical and temperate dense evergreen forests, intermountain valleys like B.P. Nagar, Ghanteshwar, Lanakedareshwar and Dipayal, meandering river and rivulets, friendly people with great heart, slope roofed houses made of rock, wood, mud and hay, ploughing fields and harvesting the crops, grazing cattle in the pasturelands, singing people in the forest and celebrating festivals gathering in some particular places are the attractions for the tourists. Village tour might be pleasant.

Jaant festival is very popular and only celebrated in all different part of Far Western Nepal. It is believed that about 330000 thousand gods and goddesses spread all over the universe mentioned in the Hindu epics, gather in some particular places for the pleasure at the festival time. Jaant festival is the greatest religious ceremony to worship the gods. Certain gods are identified in certain societies. Each God is worshipped in particular day of fortnight among the gods in particular religious site. Everything contains the God. There are particular gods for the particular jobs but all gods look after everything. Some gods are identified in these areas like Chhadi, Nawa, Dhirkandi, Melghadi, Mohanyal and Ladatada etc. They have their particular language, uniform and ornaments at the festival time that makes easier to identify the gods. The shaman so called gods dance together wearing the special holy uniform. They forecast the weather, bless the people and threaten the evil spirits at the time of festival. It is celebrated this festival for about a month but everyday for different gods. The festival lies between October and November. No prior hiking experience is needed because the maximum hiking point is below 3000m.

Detailed Itinerary
Day 01 : Arrive Kathmandu (1310m).

Day 02 : Mountain flight before noon that is the Himalayan adventure with scenic views of the Himalayas very closely then fly to Dhangadhi (130m) same day and stay there.

Day 03 : Drive to Dipayal and stay there.

Day 04 : Hike up to Lekhgada and camp on the school ground.
Day 05-06 : Hike to Chanukanda and camp on the school ground.
Day 07 : Hike to Kadaremandu, stay there for Magar culture show.
Day 08 : Hike to Rantola and camp on the school ground.
Day 09 : Explore the area and watch the festival activities.

Day 10 : Hike up to Shri Kedar (2900m), watch the ShivJi Mela Jaant. There is a big crowd to celebrate the festival, people come from different parts of Western Nepal and northern part of India.

Day 11 : See the spectacular view of the western Nepal Himalayas like Api, Saipal (7031m), Gorakh Himal, Kanti Himal and Kanjirowa Himalayan range in the morning with sunrise scene. Watch the activity of the shamans-so called gods and the procedures of worshipping. This might be the excellent trip to know about the Hindu religion, culture and tradition.

Day 12 : Hike down to Akarkanda and camp there.
Day 13 : Hike down to Barchhain and camp in the hill saddle.
Day 14 : Hike down to BP Nagar and camp by the river.
Day 15 : Drive to Dhangadhi and stay there.
Day 16 : Day trip to Tharu village.

Day 17 : Drive to Ghodaghodi Lake, the biggest lake in Far Western Nepal, explore the area then drive to Thakurdwara, Bardia and stay by the Bardia National Park.

Day 18 : Drive to Butwal.

Day 19 : Day trip to Lumbini, the Lord Buddha's birthplace.

Day 20-21 : Drive to Chitwan (150m) and enjoy with nature and Tharu culture. Chase the elusive Bengal tiger riding on the elephant, jeep safari, jungle walk, watch the elephant breeding center, explore the Tharu culture, enjoy and dance with them.

Day 22 : Drive back to Kathmandu

Day 23 : Sightseeing and shopping in Kathmandu.

Day 24 : Fly back home.

Cost per person (in Us dollars) : Range $2000 to $2600 [ Include and Exclude ]
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